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Smart Future: Water - 4 February 2015


Water infrastructure around the world is riddled with inefficiency. Nearly 20% of water is lost in developed countries through leaks, theft or mismanagement, and this figure can rise to 75% in developing countries. Globally this represents nearly $14 billion per year in lost revenues, according to the World Bank. In a context of increasing need (OECD figures project that demand for water will grow by 55% by 2050) and a growing population (the wold population is expected to top 9 billion by 2050), it is becoming ever more crucial to find ways to reduce these losses and increase efficiencies in the system.

The water sector is often heavily regulated, with many utilities slow to change their practices, and the potential of many of today’s smart technologies has barely been tapped. The Path to Water Innovation Discussion Paper, a recent Stanford-led report, explored how innovation in the water sector can be accelerated through a revision of pricing policies, regulatory frameworks and financing.

The water market is changing and smart technologies are enabling that change. Join us at Smart Future: Water, a Cleantech Investor Breakfast Briefing sponsored by Marks & Clerk, 4th February 2015, to hear from expert investors and operators in the smart water market, as well as from companies at the cutting edge of innovation in the sector. Themes to be discussed at the event will include:

  • Drivers, risks and opportunities within the smart water market
  • Investor perspectives on smart water
  • The role and impact of real-time monitoring within the water sector
  • Water quality forecasting and management technologies
  • Technologies and innovation for water consumption and control

Expert speakers will include Laurie Reynolds of Aquamatix, Henri Lambert from Aspara Capital, Chris Shelley of Sentec, Lutz Johnen of Aquality and Robert Sharp of Valuation Consulting.




Water Tech Blind Date Networking - 25 March 2014

Profiles of the six companies participating in the Cleantech Investor Blind Date networking evening (25 March 2014) are available from the following links:

'Investor Date' candidates:




'Utility Date' candidates:


Flood Protection Solutions







Water Tech Invest BLIND DATES 25 March 2014

Cleantech Investor's forthcoming Water Tech Invest event, on 25 March 2014, will follow the format of the (UK TV programme) 'Blind Date'. Each session will involve three entrepreneurs who will answer questions from a secret 'date' (either an investor or a utility company). The 'date' remains behind a screen and the identity of the entrepreneurs is only revealed at the end of the session. The winning company in each session will be selected for a 'date' (an opportunity to pitch for investment or for business).

Companies competing to win a 'Blind Date' will include:

  • A company which is marketing an innovative flood control barrier which takes advantage of flood water dynamic to actually stop the water, using a system of ingenious close-fitting tarpaulin, in which water pours in, providing a self deploying and incredibly strong stabilized water barrier.
  • A company which developed an acoustics-based technology in sewers, for the location of blockages and structural defects, to determine pipe lengths and the serviceability of the pipes. The data derived from the sewers is stored for comparison with data from future tests to show deterioration over time.
  • A company which has developed a cloud-based workflow software which delivers information to field-based technicians in the water (and other) industries.
  • A company which provides innovative autonomous sampling and measurement solutions for environmental monitoring applications. It addresses the pollution monitoring and water quality markets, from the urban setting (drinking water, rain water and sanitation) to the natural environment (lakes, rivers, coastal waters and ocean waters), to large industrial sites (chemical facilities and nuclear plants).

The Blind Date session will be followed by networking drinks. The event is sponsored by Marks & Clerk and held in association with Isle Utilities.

For more information visit www.watertechinvest.com

Investing in Biofuels



Water Tech Blind Date (Video)

In the spirit of Valentine's Day - and ahead of Cleantech Investor's Water Tech Blind Date event on 25 March 2014, here's an opportunity to view last year's competition to win investor and utility dates, which took place on Valentine's Day 2013, when Piers Clarke of Isle Utilities took on the role of Cilla Black:


Investing in Biofuels



Water: A Holistic Approach and Innovation is Needed and the Signs are Good.

First published on the Cleantech Investor website, February 2013.

British WaterIan Bernard, Technical Manager at British Water, shares his views on water management and technical innovation in the UK water industry with Cleantech magazine. Ian Bernard will speak at Water Tech Invest on 14 February 2013.

Good water management, in the view of Ian Bernard, requires a holistic approach to water management and an increase in innovation if the industry is to be sustainable.  The industry must incorporate the water cycle in its entirety in water management and take more risk with innovation, an approach which, in the past 20 years, Bernard believes has not been adopted in the UK.  However, times are changing as water utilities are working more on ‘upstream’ projects and surface water drainage schemes, while the water utilities and the supply chain companies are communicating much more ‘face to face’ on emerging technologies. In Bernard's view, the government bodies Ofwat, Defra and the Technology Strategy Board should take note.


Desalination: Poised for 'internet scale' growth

First published in Cleantech magazine, Volume 6 Issue 6. Copyright Cleantech Investor Ltd

By Anne McIvor

Desalination is experiencing rapid growth, with a 57% increase in installed capacity over five years according to International Desalination Association (IDA) and Global Water Intelligence (GWI) figures. This growth, to 78.4 million m3/d compared to 47.6 million m3/d at the end of 2008, is being driven in large part by technology improvements. According to a major report published by investment bank GP Bullhound in 2012, the desalination industry delivers 66 million cubic metres of water daily, and this volume is expected to double over the next four years. The report’s author, Andre Shortell, argues that:

“Desalination has become a global industry that is now mainstream and self-sustaining, spawning new opportunities.”

With the water needs of the word doubling and populations tending to move to locations where there is no fresh water, Shortell argues that there is little alternative to desalination. He points out, however, that “desalination is not a sole solution - it's part of a mix: and the mix depends upon where you are in the world".

Desalination patent applications and general water patent applications worldwide

 Source: Marks & Clerk
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