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Helveta: Cleantech Connect 2010 Top 25 European Companies

Selected as a GP Bullhound Cleantech Connect Company, 2010

REVENUE CAGR 07-09: 260%

Helveta strives to give users traceability and control across their supply chain through their software platform, CI World, which tracks your product from source to its final destination and provides a range of task specific modules that enable you to better manage and control your supply chains. CI World supports Helveta’s customers in meeting environmental
and legal responsibilities by improving their reporting processes internally and across their supplier base. Benefits that CI World can bring include reduced stock losses, higher profit margins, commanding a price premium for fully traceable product and ultimately more business. The Company has product deployments in Europe, Africa, Asia and South America. Helveta technology has won a number of awards for innovation and environmental achievement, along with growth (Deloitte, Red Herring etc). The Company has received additional funding this year from BeCapital and Carbon Trust, along with existing investors Albion Ventures, Oxford Capital Partners and Succès Europe.


Helveta has successfully secured contracts in Ghana, Indonesia and Liberia implementing hardware and software solutions. The local administrations and rainforests of those countries are some of the most challenging and the judges felt this clearly deserved extra merit. Helveta has managed to provide, for the first time anywhere, a chain of custody for the global hardwood industry. As regulation of hardwoods and other natural assets increases, the business is perfectly positioned to capture a large share of this market.


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