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LowCVP Sustainable Urban Mobility Challenge 2012

First published in Cleantech magazine Issue 5, 2012

With over half of the world’s growing population living in urban environments, city transport is an increasingly acute challenge for city dwellers and governments alike. Cities suffer a particular problem in the form of air pollution. The LowCVP, however, set out to identify potential technology solutions to the low carbon challenge.

The LowCVP’s 2012 Technology Challenge, based around low carbon urban mobility ideas, aimed to accelerate the market introduction of new and innovative products and technologies, and to identify the most promising new ideas. It also aimed to provide an opportunity to emergent supply chain companies and technology developers, to promote themselves and add credibility to their low carbon urban mobility solutions.

Entry was open to UK-based organisations, which were required to have a viable product or technology offering and be able to justify CO2 savings and a compelling business case. Products, technologies or systems had to be relevant to one or more of three mobility areas:
  • Private mobility solutions, including micro cars and 2/3 wheel vehicles;
  • Public mobility solutions, including light rail, bus and rapid transit systems;
  • Infrastructure solutions for operating personal/public mobility services.

Entrants were required to offer genuine carbon savings through avoided emissions from conventional transport options, to comply with current or planned legislation and to be developed sufficiently for commercial deployment within around three to five years.

In addition to carbon savings potential, factors considered in choosing the winners included: technical feasibility; market demands; compatibility; sustainability; economic viability; capability and risks; capacity and route to market.
Profiles of the winning projects can be found on the following links:Capoco Design, Ecospin, Esoterix, Hugh Frost Designs, SusMobil and WeatherVelo.


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