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AIM Investor: Waterlogic (WTL)

First published in AIM Investor: the Water sector on AIM: Cleantech magazine, Volume 6 Issue 6 - December 2012

Waterlogic designs and manufactures point-of-use (POU) drinking water purification and dispensing systems for offices, schools and hospitals, which use the company’s Firewall ultra-violet (UV) technology. A compact UV system is included in the tap/faucet and the water passes through the UV system immediately before it is dispensed into a cup. Waterlogic believes that its Firewall technology can be used in a number of other sectors, such as hotels and restaurants, and applications − for example, in kidney dialysis machines.

The use of Waterlogic’s dispensers means that bottles of water do not have to be transported or disposed of. The company claims that its WL2000 model lowers the carbon footprint by 72%, assuming water consumption of 280 litres per month. Most of Waterlogic’s products consume less energy than a 100 Watt light bulb.

In November 2012, the company acquired the assets of California-based AquaPerfect, which sells Waterlogic water dispensers and Keurig coffee machines. Tough economic conditions and delayed projects (now expected to commence in 2013) have led to disappointing revenues in 2012. 

Water Sector Stock Performances 2012


Mkt Cap (£m)
Share Price end Dec 2011 Share Price (12 Dec 2012) % change 2012
Amiad 66.78 225 397.5 76.7
Modern Water 33.2 49 56.5 15.3
MyCelx Technologies 32.95 240 255 6.3
Hydro International 17.6 129 125 -3.1
Water Intelligence 3.03 34 31.5 -7.4
Waterlogic 122.3 173 157.5 -9.0
Wasabi Energy Ltd 36.85 1.6 1.225 -23.4
HaloSource Inc 57.8 56 37 -33.9
Watermark Global  1531.37 0.23 0.145 -37.0
Origo Partners 47.75 35 13.375 -61.8
Nature Group 17.4 61.25 21 -65.7


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