tado° raises €10m from Target Partners and Shortcut Ventures

European company tado has raised €10m ($13.6m)  in venture capital funding from Target Partners and Shortcut Ventures.

tado has developed intelligent climate control solutions which enhance comfort in the home and enable households to save on energy costs. Its heating or air conditioning (AC) systems automatically adjust to users’ needs with a geo-aware app for presence detection. The tado smartphone app automatically recognizes when the user leaves or returns home and sets the temperature accordingly. The smart device can achieve up to 31% in energy savings. tado° has developed control interfaces for over 5,000 different types of heating systems. The first product, tado° Heating, was launched in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in November 2012 and in the UK a year later. It was followed by the tado° Cooling product for AC. Distribution is via utility companies and through retail partners as well as the company's website

The company, which has a staff of 40, plans to use the funding for expansion throughout Europe according to Christian Deilmann, CEO. Deilmann founded the company - which is headquartered in Munich - with Johannes Schwarz and Valentin Sawadski in 2011.

The name “tado” was inspired by the Japanese greetings “tadaima” and “okaeri” which, loosely translated, mean “I'm home” and “Welcome home”.


2014 Ashden Awards - Abundance Generation

22 May 2014

Impax Ashden Award for Energy Innovation - and UK Gold Award Winner

Abundance Generation

Crowdfunding powers a sustainable energy revolution

Abundance Generation is revolutionising the way people invest for their future. Its user-friendly crowdfunding platform lets people take control of where their money is invested by allowing them to put it directly into sustainable energy projects of their choosing. With a minimum investment of just £5, investors get a financial return and the feel-good factor of joining the growing renewable energy movement in the UK. Abundance is also plugging a gap in access to finance for small-scale renewable energy developers, so they can build more projects. So far this pioneering FCA-regulated company has helped over 1,200 people invest more than £5.5 million in renewable energy projects across the UK, with many more in the pipeline.



2014 Ashden Awards - Infosys

22 May 2014

Ashden Award for Sustainable Buildings -  and International Gold Award Winner

Infosys, India

Leading the way in tackling India’s energy challenge

India’s fast-growing economy is making ever greater demands on its electric grid. Global IT giant Infosys is leading the way to more sustainable growth, decreasing electricity consumption per staff member by 44% across its Indian business campuses. Success lies in seizing every opportunity to reduce energy consumption in its existing buildings – from reducing the size of chiller plants for air conditioning, to painting roofs white to reflect the heat.

Cutting-edge design of new buildings also helps keep offices cooler and maximises natural light. With a phenomenal $80 million cut off its electricity bills, Infosys has made an unassailable business case for large companies to invest in energy efficiency – not just in India but across the globe.



2014 Ashden Awards

Ashden Sustainability InitiativeFirst published on the Cleantech Investor website, 22 May 2014

The 2014 Ashden Awards winners were announced this evening in a ceremony at the Royal Geographical Society in London which included a speech from Lord Stern.

In total, fourteen sustainable energy enterprises from the UK, Europe, Africa, India and Southeast Asia were recognised at the ceremony for tackling climate change and transforming lives, each receiving a prize of up to £40,000.

Sarah Butler-Sloss, Ashden Founder Director, speaking at the ceremony, identified four key trends in sustainable energy, all of which were reflected in the businesses of the awards winners. The first three are: cheaper solar, sustainable buildings and communications. The fourth reflects the theme of this year's Ashden conference which took place earlier this week, Sustainable Energy for Women and Girls - and has been encapsulated in the Twitter hashtag #volts4women, which has featured in a social media campaign backed by development agencies including DfID and USAID (both sponsors this year).

The UK 'gold' award went to UK company Abundance Generation, which has a crowd funding site for investment in renewable energy and which was the winner of the award for Energy Innovation. The international 'gold' award was won by Infosys, India - which also won the award for Sustainable Buildings.


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