INTERVIEW: Ericsson’s Nadine Allen discusses the Networked Society

Following on from the Smart Future London 2014 conference, where Ericsson was one of the sponsors, Cleantech Investor has taken the opportunity to chat with Ericsson’s Nadine Allen and to discuss the Networked Society

Nadine Allen is responsible for Ericsson’s new ‘Industry & Society’ Customer Unit for Western Central Europe. Industry & Society is the hub of Ericsson’s focus on securing growth in new areas outside of its traditional telecoms domain. As a Customer Unit Head, Nadine is responsible for leading everything that is needed for the successful development of this business and has accountability for everything, from business development and marketing through to sales and delivery of contracts.

Telecoms have been part of Nadine’s life for nearly 20 years. She has been employed in a variety of leadership roles, including Strategy, Corporate Marketing, Product Line Management and Sales Management. Nadine joined Ericsson in 2006 and over the last six years has been responsible for Ericsson’s business relationship with several of the UK mobile operators. Previously, she held positions with Marconi and Orange. Nadine’s passion lies in developing business by creating value and trust for the customers with whom she works, by thinking about the best options to support their business success.

Q: Nadine, it’s great to have the opportunity to chat with you. Can you explain how Ericsson defines the ‘Networked Society’ and how Ericsson’s business model fits in to the Networked Society vision?

A: Ericsson has long envisioned the arrival of the Networked Society, where connectivity brings people closer together than ever before, where collaboration is part of everyday life, and where every person and every industry is empowered to reach their full potential.


Azotic Technologies scoops Rushlight Award

The overall 2015 Rushlight Award for innovators in clean technology was awarded to Azotic Technologies at a party in the Royal College of Surgeons,  on 29 January.

Azotic has developed a natural nitrogen boosting technology that provides a sustainable solution to reduce the use of fertilisers in agriculture. Its bacterium-based N-Fix technology, which does not involve any genetic modification, enables any plant to extract a substantial proportion of its nitrogen requirements from the air, something which only a small proportion of plants can do unassisted. N-Fix offers the potential for increased productivity with reduced fertilizer in the agricultural industry.

Winners in the various group categories included:

Marine Engineering Energy Solutions Ltd

Developer of a deep water offshore wind support structure, the Articulated Wind Column for water depths of between 80 to 200 metres, which will enable deep water sites close to shore to be economically viable.

Celtic Renewables Ltd

Commercialising the production of biobutanol as an advanced fuel to displace petrol from the residues of the malt whisky industry.

The Chopping Company

Developer of Chop-Cloc, a simple retrofit device that saves up to 30% on home heating bills by directing switching off periods of 15-45 minutes to take advantage of radiant heat from the building fabric and contents.

MBA Polymers

Developer of a technology which can separate plastic polymers, creating high quality raw materials in the form of plastic pellets which require 20% of the energy needed to manufacture virgin plastic.


Developer of a machine that can process 80 liquid crystal displays (LCDs) per hour and separate the liquid crystal glass and mercury from the panel, thereby enabling recyclers to process effectively LCDs under the WEEE Directive.

The Climate-KIC Prize

The Climate-KIC Prize of €20,000 (plus an invitation to join the Climate-KIC UK Accelerator Programme), for the leading pre-revenue commercial business, was awarded to Samad Power Ltd, for its Micro CHP technology, which has half the parts of others on the market and potentially is much more cost effective.


China Cleantech Index 2014 Annual Performance Report

The 2014 Annual Performance Report for the China CleanTech Index is now available - please click here to download the report.

The China CleanTech Index recorded a 5.1% gain over the month of December, a 10.4% gain over the final quarter of 2014 and an 18.8% gain over the full year of 2014 - outperforming all of its benchmarks except for the Shanghai Composite.



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