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AIM Investor: HaloSource (HALO)

First published in AIM Investor: the Water sector on AIM: Cleantech magazine, Volume 6 Issue 6 - December 2012

HaloSource offers products based on its proprietary platforms of N-halamine polymers to purify water (killing bacteria and viruses that may cause disease) and natural bio-polymers (to treat recreational and environmental water issues). Products include HaloPure; HaloShield (which uses chlorine to kill odour-causing bacteria on cloths and towels); SeaKlear, which helps to keep pools clean; and StormKlear, which controls sediment from stormwater and wastewater.

HaloSource has a partnership with Perfect Water Purification Manufacturing, a Chinese consumer goods supplier. China's Ministry of Health recently approved the Perfect multi-stage water purifier, which incorporates HaloPure technology in a multistage water purifier. HaloPure technology was the first water purification technology to be approved by China's Ministry of Health in 2011.

HaloSource has a supply agreement with Enviroclin Bio Solutions, in Malaysia, for its HaloKlear dry blend concentrates for various applications including municipal water treatment. The contract marks the first entry of the HaloKlear biopolymer and hybrid technology into the municipal water pre-treatment area.

Water Sector Stock Performances 2012


Mkt Cap (£m)
Share Price end Dec 2011 Share Price (12 Dec 2012) % change 2012
Amiad 66.78 225 397.5 76.7
Modern Water 33.2 49 56.5 15.3
MyCelx Technologies 32.95 240 255 6.3
Hydro International 17.6 129 125 -3.1
Water Intelligence 3.03 34 31.5 -7.4
Waterlogic 122.3 173 157.5 -9.0
Wasabi Energy Ltd 36.85 1.6 1.225 -23.4
HaloSource Inc 57.8 56 37 -33.9
Watermark Global  1531.37 0.23 0.145 -37.0
Origo Partners 47.75 35 13.375 -61.8
Nature Group 17.4 61.25 21 -65.7


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