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2011: A Review of Cleantech Equity Deals - Lighting

Published in: 2011 - A Review of Cleantech Equity Deals, January 2012

Merger and acquisition activity in the LED space during 2011 included the purchase of Ruud by Cree. An interesting feature was the M&A activity by a VC-backed company, Ireland’s Nualight, which targets the niche market for LEDs in supermarkets. Nualight, already something of a success story in the LED space, acquired Lumoluce with funding supplied by its own VC backers.

Elsewhere, VC attention remained on niche LED applications during the year. Bridgelux continued to raise funds, as did Lunera Lighting. And GE focused on the LED space, participating in a fundraising for LED cooling specialist Nuventix, as part of the EcoImagination investment.


Lighting the way to greener retail

First published in Cleantech magazine 2011 Issue 3. Copyright Cleantech Investor Ltd

Denis Gross of Cleantech magazine was the guest of Nualight, the Irish LED company, and Enterprise Ireland on a tour of cleantech companies in Ireland.

Behind the headline news of property and banking woes from Ireland, there are signs of a strong performance in technological innovation and export.

Exports account for 80% of GDP, and are still growing robustly in value (7% in 2010 for indigenous companies) despite the tough economy.

New kinds of LED lighting technology are invading retail stores with a dual purpose: saving energy and luring shoppers. And as old-style incandescent bulbs are being phased out by the US government, the race for a replacement is on between LEDs and compact fluorescents.


LED and OLED Technology - transforming design

First published in Cleantech magazine, July/August 2010. Copyright Cleantech Investor Ltd

The Durban ArcOSRAM chose London’s Design Museum as the venue for a presentation on the future of solid state lighting technology. Meanwhile, OSRAM LEDs were lighting up the World Cup games in South Africa.

By Anne McIvor

Solar light emitting diode (LED) producer, D Light Design, was a winner at the Ashden Awards for Sustainable Energy for 2010. While D Light Design is providing light for villagers in remote parts of Africa, LED technology was also behind much of the lighting for the FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa.

OSRAM developed ‘LED Beams’, in conjunction with local manufacturer BEKA, to light the ‘Durban Arc’  spanning the Durban stadium. The company’s ‘Golden Dragon Plus’ LEDs – 12,000 in total – combine to form the 350 metre Durban Arc, an icon for the potential for LED lighting technology.


Built Environment/Energy Efficiency: UK Quoted Companies

First published in Cleantech magazine, May 2010. Copyright Cleantech Investor 2010.

Reviews of some of the UK Quoted companies with innovative solutions for the built environment, by Andrew Hore


Built Environment and Energy Efficiency: Venture Investment

First published in Cleantech magazine, May/June 2010. Copyright Cleantech Investor Ltd 2010.

VB Research has tracked a host of venture capital fund raising deals for companies with technology in the energy management, smart metering and other ‘green building’ spaces over the past year or more. These deals are summarised in the following tables.

In the VB Research deal list, we noticed a trend for deals in the overlapping spaces of energy efficiency and home security – typical of the growing trend for cleantech solutions to be incorporated into broader industrial solutions. Sunnyvale, California, based 4Home is a case in point. 4Home raised US$1.3 million in early stage funding in 2009, according to VB Research. The company provides ‘home control’ services, which incorporate various functions including energy management as well as home security and monitoring. 4Home’s software platform includes the ControlPoint,™ Portal Server, and SDK software products.

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Energy Efficiency Solutions - Voltage Optimisation

First published in Cleantech magazine, July/August 2009. Copyright Cleantech Investor 2009

Voltage optimisation offers scope for energy savings, especially in the UK

By Jon Mainwaring

Fighting climate change and improving energy security require a number of approaches, not least of which is the need to improve energy efficiency. Energy efficiency itself takes many forms: from insulating homes so that heat is retained during periods of cold weather to companies adopting policies like switching off lights and computers overnight when nobody is at work.

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