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Oulu, Finland: Smart Cleantech City

First published on the Cleantech Investor website, May 2013

by Denis Gross

Hiukkavaraa – ’Arctic Smart City’  A recent visit to Oulu in Finland highlighted the remarkable competitive strength that Finland has developed in sustainable technologies, with its leading position in these set to rival its established strengths in IT. Indeed, the recent turmoil in the wireless sector is encouraging a migration of that skill set in Finland towards cleantech.

Given the extent of its territory in the sub-Arctic and Arctic regions, and the fact that over 70% of the country is covered in forest, it is perhaps not surprising that Finland has claimed leadership in energy efficiency and the utilisation of bioenergy and biomass combustion technologies. Its geography has underpinned Finland’s approach to environmental solutions, which includes a close working relationship between the public and private sectors to ensure rigorous pollution control and the efficient use of water by industry, as well as the building of state-of-the-art water and wastewater treatment plants.   

The cleantech environment is further enriched by the demand for comprehensive environmental measurement solutions, allowing for world class companies like Metso, which is listed on NASDAQ OMX, the drive for efficient uses of resources and recycling. Further points of interest include the mandating of green buildings and the establishment of eco-city concepts.


Video: Courtenay Heading of the Isle of Man Government - on motor sport

Courtenay Heading of the Isle of Man Government spoke at Investing in Future Transport, August 2012, on the panel on the future of motorsport.

It was risky, politically (never mind technologically), to adopt the vision of Azhar Hussain and establish the TTZero four years ago.

Michael Rutter achieved 152MPH during the TTZero

This whole world is born on two wheels, goes into four, goes into smart packs - and around the world this stuff is beginning to become real!


View video of Courtenay's speech:;


The motor sport panel at Investing in Future Transport session included Patrick Head, Williams F1 and Williams Hybrid, keynote (view video); Javier de Rocafort, Chairman Quimera (view video), Azhar Hussain, founder TTXGP (view video) and Courtenay Heading, Isle of Man Government (view video).



Quebec: turning to cleantech

First published in Cleantech magazine 2011 Issue 3. Copyright Cleantech Investor Ltd

By Felica Jackson

In terms of its emissions profile and resource use, the Province of Quebec has an attractive low carbon generation base, in that much of its energy comes from hydro – in 2009 48% of power was produced by renewables.  The Province has also set a goal of implementing 4GW of wind energy by 2015, which would make up about 10% of the installed capacity. It has a strong skills base in renewables, as well as significant engineering expertise – helped by the large presence of companies such as Rio Tinto, Alcan and Toyota – which is working with Hydro-Québec on developing batteries and charging points for electric vehicles.

Meanwhile, the economy of the metropolitan region of Quebec City is shifting away from its traditional dependence upon the public sector and moving increasingly to technology.  In the nineties the metropolitan region was home to predominantly public sector and insurance companies, but its focus on technology has been such that in the last ten years 60% of all jobs created have come from new technology companies. Building on the Province’s natural advantages, the City became determined to develop its economy through technological innovation.


Spotlight on Northern Ireland - Linda Jameson interview

Linda Jameson of Invest Northern Ireland discusses the areas of cleantech expertise which are emerging in Northern Ireland.

Includes an overview of the collaborative networks in cleantech: Glantek (Eenergy from Waste), One Industrial (biomass construction & O&M) and the Global Maritime Alliance (wave & tidal)

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