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2011: A Review of Cleantech Equity Deals

2011 Cleantech Deals of the Year





  • Chinese stock markets (Hong Kong, Shenzen and Shanghai) dominated the IPO space accounting for two thirds of all new listings;

  • Renewable fuels dominated on NASDAQ: Gevo, KiOR and Solazyme IPOs

  • Oil majors continue to focus on Brazilian sugarcane ethanol; biorefinery approach becomes the norm

  • Coca Cola invests in both plastics recycling and bioplastics

  • Grid storage innovation attracting funding

  • Ikea Group invests in wind; Google invests in solar; EDP stake sold to China Three Gorges; Iberdrola and EDF acquire renewables subsidiaries

  • Bankrupticies in the solar sector as polysilicon prices slump; Warren Buffett invests in thin film solar; CPV technology wins out as silicon prices fall; ABB and GE follow lead from Siemens and Alstom to invest in concentrated solar

  • Siemens, ABB and Alstom all invest in marine energy

  • ABB, GE , Toshiba, Siemens and Schneider vie to invest in smart grid/energy management space

  • Industrial companies home in on EV charging infrastructure companies; Follow on public offering for Tesla; Fisker raises Series C; Coda raises Series D; BYD lists on Shenzen through IPO

  • Cree acquires Ruud in LEDs; VC backed Nualight becomes a consolidator in niche retail LEDs

  • Private equity players home in on the water sector; Permira takes a stake in Netafim


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