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AIM Investor: Origo Partners (OPP)

First published in AIM Investor: the Water sector on AIM: Cleantech magazine, Volume 6 Issue 6 - December 2012

Origo has a portfolio of investments which are predominantly resources businesses, but it also has stakes in water-related companies HaloSource and Aqualyng.

Aqualyng has extensive experience in desalination. Its first plant was installed at Anfi del Mar and it now has plants in seven countries. The primary focus is on building, owning and operating desalination plants, with China and other Asian countries the principal markets. Aqualyng’s 'Fast Water' is a series of modular reverse osmosis units housed in easily transportable steel containers. The technology reduces the amount of power used. The first stage of the Caofeidian desalination plant in Hebei province has been commissioned.

Singapore-based CLSA (Clean Resources Asia Growth Fund) and Norway-based fund Pareto Staur Energy are major investors in Aqualyng. In September 2012, Aqualyng raised US$31.4 million, with International Finance Corporation (IFC), part of the World Bank Group, coming on board as an investor at that time. The additional cash will be put towards further expansion in China, which is expected to be the largest desalination market in the world by 2015.

Water Sector Stock Performances 2012


Mkt Cap (£m)
Share Price end Dec 2011 Share Price (12 Dec 2012) % change 2012
Amiad 66.78 225 397.5 76.7
Modern Water 33.2 49 56.5 15.3
MyCelx Technologies 32.95 240 255 6.3
Hydro International 17.6 129 125 -3.1
Water Intelligence 3.03 34 31.5 -7.4
Waterlogic 122.3 173 157.5 -9.0
Wasabi Energy Ltd 36.85 1.6 1.225 -23.4
HaloSource Inc 57.8 56 37 -33.9
Watermark Global  1531.37 0.23 0.145 -37.0
Origo Partners 47.75 35 13.375 -61.8
Nature Group 17.4 61.25 21 -65.7


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