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Rushlight Awards 2010

First published on the Cleantech Investor website, January 2011

The Rushlight Awards 2010 were celebrated at a dinner at Church House Westminster last Thursday. Guest speaker at the event was Prof Sir John Beddington, the Government Chief Scientific Adviser, who spoke about his analysis of the "Perfect Storm" which is brewing as the result of a combination of population growth and poverty alleviation. (Beddington predicts that food shortages, scarce water and insufficient energy resources may result it public unrest, cross-border conflicts and mass migration by 2030.) He also spoke about his dealings with Government and the challenge of climate change.

The overall Rushlight Award Winner this year was Diverse Energy. The award goes to "the most significant project, product, service, technology, innovation or initiative that has had and has the potential to have in the future the largest impact in reducing the embedded environmental footprint of current society’s activities". Diverse Energy, which was also the winner in the category for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells (the award for the most significant achievement towards the commercial development and exploitation of fuel cells or hydrogen), has created the PowerCube - an energy source for Mobile Network Operators and OEMs seeking to reduce cost and CO2 emissions associated with power generation for off-grid telecoms towers. The full list of the winners of the various Rushlight Awards categories is set out below: 


Overall Winner

The Rushlight Award
Diverse Energy
Individual Categories
Rushlight Solar Award University of Nottingham
Rushlight Ground & Air Source Power Award University of Nottingham & Roger Bullivant Ltd
Rushlight Wind Power Award Luethi Enterprises Ltd
Rushlight Marine & Hydro Energy Award Minesto Ltd
Rushlight Bioenergy Award Severn Trent Plc
Rushlight Powered Transport Award Intelligent Energy
Rushlight Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Award Diverse Energy
Rushlight Power Gen & Transmission Award Baxi
Rushlight Fossil Fuels Award Oxford Catalysts Group
Rushlight Energy Reduction Award Anyvan Ltd
Rushlight Water Treatment Award Biomatrix Water Technology LLP
Rushlight Water Management Award Ecocamel Ltd
Rushlight Waste Management Award Recolight
Rushlight Organic Waste Award IMC
Rushlight Waste Recycling Award Luethi Enterprises Ltd
Rushlight Waste to Energy Award Keld Energy Ltd
Rushlight Waste Minimisation Award MWH ByProduct Ltd
Rushlight Air Pollution Technology Award Glosfume Ltd
Rushlight Clean Environment Award Arvia Technology Ltd & Magnox North Ltd
Rushlight Responsible Product or Service Award
InterfaceFlor/ Zelfo
Group categories
Rushlight Natural Energy Award VerdErg Renewable Energy Ltd
Rushlight Clean Energy Award AFC Energy plc
Rushlight Energy Environmental Award Oxford Catalysts Group
Rushlight Water Innovation Award Biomatrix Water Technology LLP
Rushlight Waste Innovation Award IMC
Rushlight Environmental Management Award

In addition, the following entrants were commended for their entries to their relevant categories:

Surface Power
Geothermal International
Zeropex UK Ltd
Lafarge Readymix


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