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Global Cleantech Cluster Association Awards

First published on the Cleantech Investor website, November 2012. Copyright Cleantech Investor
The top ten winners of the Global Cleantech Cluster Association 2012 Later Stage Awards have been presented at the Savannah International Clean Energy Conference. The companies selected represent “the best of the association's over 4000 member companies”. Judges included cleantech venture capital and private equity investors and serial entrepreneurs with, collectively, US$3.5 billion under management in clean technology investment.

The top ten were chosen from a longer list of 30 companies which had been selected by the Keystone Compact™ tool developed by Dr. Peter Adriaens, Professor of Entrepreneurship and Strategy at the Ross School of Business, and Dr. Tim Faley, Managing Director of the Zell-Lurie Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies both lat the University of Michigan.
According to GCCA Chairman Ben Taube: “Cleantech and sustainability are no longer a niche. They are out performing most market sectors in growth, even during the recession.”
The GCCA Global Top Ten for 2012 included:

The Switch - Best in Wind
Waterleau - Best in Water Treatment
FlexEnergy - Best in Waste Management
Eniram - Best in Transportation
Hydrovolts - Best in Tidal/Hydro
Leclanché - Best in Storage
Geostellar - Best in Solar
GreenWave Reality - Best in Smart Grid/Sustainable IT
Cylon - Best in Lighting/Energy Efficiency
Biothermica Carbon, Inc - Best in BioEnergy


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