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Editor's Comment: Cleantech Infocus: UK Innovation in Fuel Cells and Hydrogen

First published in Cleantech Infocus: UK Innovation in Fuel Cells and Hydrogen, in partnership with the Technology Strategy Board, October 2012

The recent success of Team GB in the London 2012 Olympics was testimony to years of strategic investment by the UK Government – combined with an element of ‘home team advantage.’  International success in industry, as with sport, requires strategic investment on the part of government – and in this technological age, investment in new technology is key to a strong industrial base, with the associated benefits of economic growth and job creation.

The Technology Strategy Board, the UK’s government-backed innovation agency, has adopted a unique approach to cultivating technology innovation.  In this publication we review its work within the clean technology sector of fuel cells and hydrogen.

The Technology Strategy Board adopts, as its name suggests, a ‘strategic’ approach to the support of technology innovation.  This approach, which governments elsewhere are considering replicating, aims to enable the cost effective, ‘more bang for your buck’ roll-out of new technologies, products and services that meet global market needs and tackle societal challenges.  And all with the aim of helping to both accelerate growth and build the future economy.

The examples in these pages, projects which have received support through the Technology Strategy Board over the years, demonstrate the role of the organisation in helping to bring new technologies closer to market.  

The UK looks set to become a significant player in the emerging hydrogen economy as these industries now start to enter the mainstream - due, at least in part, to the focus provided by the Technology Strategy Board.

Anne McIvor: October 2012



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