Smart Future: Water - 4 February 2015


Water infrastructure around the world is riddled with inefficiency. Nearly 20% of water is lost in developed countries through leaks, theft or mismanagement, and this figure can rise to 75% in developing countries. Globally this represents nearly $14 billion per year in lost revenues, according to the World Bank. In a context of increasing need (OECD figures project that demand for water will grow by 55% by 2050) and a growing population (the wold population is expected to top 9 billion by 2050), it is becoming ever more crucial to find ways to reduce these losses and increase efficiencies in the system.

The water sector is often heavily regulated, with many utilities slow to change their practices, and the potential of many of today’s smart technologies has barely been tapped. The Path to Water Innovation Discussion Paper, a recent Stanford-led report, explored how innovation in the water sector can be accelerated through a revision of pricing policies, regulatory frameworks and financing.

The water market is changing and smart technologies are enabling that change. Join us at Smart Future: Water, a Cleantech Investor Breakfast Briefing sponsored by Marks & Clerk, 4th February 2015, to hear from expert investors and operators in the smart water market, as well as from companies at the cutting edge of innovation in the sector. Themes to be discussed at the event will include:

  • Drivers, risks and opportunities within the smart water market
  • Investor perspectives on smart water
  • The role and impact of real-time monitoring within the water sector
  • Water quality forecasting and management technologies
  • Technologies and innovation for water consumption and control

Expert speakers will include Laurie Reynolds of Aquamatix, Henri Lambert from Aspara Capital and Chris Shelley of Sentec.




China Cleantech Index: Steady Growth Again Outperforms Global Markets

The October 2014 Performance Report for the China CleanTech Index is now available - please click here to download the report.
The China CleanTech Index recorded a 1.8% gain in October 2014 and outperformed all but one of its four benchmarks. The best performing sub-indices for the month were the China Hydro Index with a 6.5% gain and the China Wind Index with an 4.6% gain. The two weakest sub-indices through October were the China Environment Index and the China Waste Index that both recorded losses of 2.5%.
The Index is ahead of its benchmarks for both the last quarter with a gain of 13.0% and the last 12 months with a gain of 14.2%. The twelve month gain is being driven by the China Efficiency Index (+43.0%) and the China Hydro Index (+22.8%). The market capitalisation of the 163 stocks in the China CleanTech Index is CNY 1.24 trillion, up a long way from its trough of CNY 604 billion in November 2012.



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