China Cleantech April 2015 Performance Report

The April 2015 Performance Report for the China CleanTech Index is now available - please click here to download the report.


The China CleanTech Index gained 16.1% over the month of April and is up 40.0% over the last quarter. This was driven by ongoing strong gains across all Chinese stocks.  
The best performing sub-indices for the month were the 38.4% gain for the China Hydro Index and the 17.1% gain for the China Storage Index. The two weakest sub-indices through April were the China Environment Index with 9.9% gain and the China Solar Index with a 7.4% gain.

The market capitalisation of the 167 stocks in the China CleanTech Index is CNY 2.2 trillion (US$357 billion), up a long way from its trough of CNY 604 billion in November 2012.


Whitefox to deliver membrane system to Pacific Ethanol

First published on the Cleantech Investor website, 7 May 2015

Membrane technology company, Whitefox, has signed an agreement with Pacific Ethanol, Inc. (Nasdaq: PEIX)  to deliver of an industrial scale membrane system to its Madera plant in California. The container based system is scheduled for delivery this month and for start-up in June. Pacific Ethanol plans to use the membrane system to treat certain side streams in the ethanol production process, in order to reduce consumption of water, energy and emissions.

According to Whitefox CEO Gillian Harrison:

“It is clear that Pacific Ethanol is investing in energy and water consumption reduction initiatives because it makes environmental sense, but also because it makes good business sense as it improves plant efficiencies. We are confident that Whitefox’s membrane solution will contribute to Pacific Ethanol’s ambitious targets and look forward to working together.”


Brazil sets date for first solar auction of 2015

First published on the BSEC Blog, 16 March 2015

The Brazilian Government has confirmed that the first dedicated solar energy auction for 2015 will take place on 14 August. Utility scale solar developers who are successful in the auction will have two years to build their projects, after which they will be awarded a 20-year PPA (contract) for the supply of energy to the national grid.

The policy of Brazil’s Ministry of Mines & Energy involves dedicated solar energy auctions, which are intended to contribute to a diversification of the nation’s energy mix. Brazil has been suffering from severe droughts, which have depleted water levels in the hydro electricity reserves (the dominant source of electricity in Brazil) resulting in outages this year. The situation has forced Brazil to import electricity from neighbours.



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