Brazil sets date for first solar auction of 2015

First published on the BSEC Blog, 16 March 2015

The Brazilian Government has confirmed that the first dedicated solar energy auction for 2015 will take place on 14 August. Utility scale solar developers who are successful in the auction will have two years to build their projects, after which they will be awarded a 20-year PPA (contract) for the supply of energy to the national grid.

The policy of Brazil’s Ministry of Mines & Energy involves dedicated solar energy auctions, which are intended to contribute to a diversification of the nation’s energy mix. Brazil has been suffering from severe droughts, which have depleted water levels in the hydro electricity reserves (the dominant source of electricity in Brazil) resulting in outages this year. The situation has forced Brazil to import electricity from neighbours.

Companies wishing to participate in the auction must submit their projects to the EPE (the government body which manages Brazil’s energy auctions) by 14 April 2015.


China Cleantech Index February 2015 Report

The February 2015 Performance Report for the China CleanTech Index is now available - please click here to download the report.


The China CleanTech Index recorded a 5.4% gain over the month of February and is up 20.0% over the last 6 months. However, it still underperformed three of its benchmarks over the month.

The best performing sub-indices for the month were the China Environment Index with a 11.6% gain and the China Storage Index with a 9.8% gain. The two weakest sub-indices through February were the China Hydro Index with 3.8% gain and the China Wind Index with a 2.4% gain.

The market capitalisation of the 165 stocks in the China CleanTech Index is CNY 1.47 trillion (US$235 billion), up a long way from its trough of CNY 604 billion in November 2012.




China & Environment Provides Strong Investment Thesis
The combined investment themes of China and environment provide a compelling case for investment. The sector remains volatile as it matures and reacts to environmental and industry development policy shifts. The quality and scale of the companies included in the sector varies widely and strong research into both sub-sectors and companies is essential before committing to the sector. However, the cleantech sector in China presents a very strong medium term investment thesis and the China CleanTech Index provides the first level of data to enable informed investment decisions to be made.


INTERVIEW: Ericsson’s Nadine Allen discusses the Networked Society

Following on from the Smart Future London 2014 conference, where Ericsson was one of the sponsors, Cleantech Investor has taken the opportunity to chat with Ericsson’s Nadine Allen and to discuss the Networked Society

Nadine Allen is responsible for Ericsson’s new ‘Industry & Society’ Customer Unit for Western Central Europe. Industry & Society is the hub of Ericsson’s focus on securing growth in new areas outside of its traditional telecoms domain. As a Customer Unit Head, Nadine is responsible for leading everything that is needed for the successful development of this business and has accountability for everything, from business development and marketing through to sales and delivery of contracts.

Telecoms have been part of Nadine’s life for nearly 20 years. She has been employed in a variety of leadership roles, including Strategy, Corporate Marketing, Product Line Management and Sales Management. Nadine joined Ericsson in 2006 and over the last six years has been responsible for Ericsson’s business relationship with several of the UK mobile operators. Previously, she held positions with Marconi and Orange. Nadine’s passion lies in developing business by creating value and trust for the customers with whom she works, by thinking about the best options to support their business success.

Q: Nadine, it’s great to have the opportunity to chat with you. Can you explain how Ericsson defines the ‘Networked Society’ and how Ericsson’s business model fits in to the Networked Society vision?

A: Ericsson has long envisioned the arrival of the Networked Society, where connectivity brings people closer together than ever before, where collaboration is part of everyday life, and where every person and every industry is empowered to reach their full potential.



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