Automotive Cleantech Breakfast 18 October 2013

The Automotive Cleantech Breakfast on 18 October 2013, sponsored by K&L Gates, will focus on how the uptake of electric vehicles has reached an inflection point as the EV industry finds its niche amidst mainstream automotive manufacturing. Important recent developments in the EV industry have included a notable upturn in sales for the Nissan Leaf (which has achieved faster sales growth than the Toyota Prius at a comparable point - the two year mark after its introduction) and the dramatic rise in the share price of Tesla Motors shares on Nasdaq, as the market has recognised Tesla's success in with its Model S, following on from the impact it made with the Roadster.


Speakers will include:

Nick Owen - Principal Consultant, E4tech

Nick will discuss whether we have reached a "turning point" for EVs in view of the Tesla success story and recent new models from BMW, Renault / Nissan and Ford - and in the context of a downward shift in battery costs. He will also review the extent to which there is a good "roadmap" emerging for the automotive industry, in the light of other alternatives such as fuel cells or biofuels and where they can, or cannot, get us to.

Dr Koen S MattHys - Motorsport engineering programme, Brunel University

Dr Koen Mattys, course director for the Motorsport Engineering Programme in the School of Engineering and Design at Brunel University, will speak about the role that motor sports is playing in encouraging the adoption of electric vehicles at the consumer level - and in the engineering of more efficient electric vehicles.





Jeremy Deering, CEO of Torotrak, will speak about the adoption of new technologies in the automotive cleantech space, focusing on applications in use by Torotrak associate Flybrid Automotive (flywheel KERs systems) in vehicles ranging from London buses to Volvo cars.

Company Pitches

 The event will also include company pitches from automotive cleantech sector companies raising funds. Companies making pitcies at the event will include:


The Dearman Engine Company

The Dearman Engine Company Limited is developing a novel, zero emission, piston engine that runs on a common industrial product, liquid air (or liquid nitrogen); the exhaust is cold air. The company works with Ricardo, E4tech, MIRA and leading UK academic and research institutions. The company will be represented by founder and CEO, Toby Peters.


       Vicinity Systems

 Vicinity SystemsVicinity Systems, a winner of the Galileo Masters, European Satellite Navigation Competition, has developed technology which aims to increase the driving range of electric vehicles by integrating it with in-car satellite systems. Con Costello, the company's founder, will present.



KomattiKomatti Ltd is a new racing and innovation company, born and bred at the renowned Isle of Man TT. Incorporated in 2012, the company was spun off from increasing involvement in the annual low carbon racing class TTZero. Komatti is the first clean tech start-up on the Isle of Man directly derived from the historic TT event. Koen Matthys, the company's founder, will present.