John-Marc Bunce: Opening Remarks, Investing in Fuel Cells 2012

John-Marc Bunce of Nomura Code Securities chaired the Investing in Fuel Cells conference, organised by Nomura Code and Cleantech Investor, on 27 September 2012. The conference began with his opening remarks on the state of the fuel cell industry, from an investment perspective. In answer to "a cynical investor... or two", who asked  "why organise a conference in fuel cells?" (given the sector's difficult track record), John-Marc commented that:

- A number of companies that have competitive commercial products and are rapidly growing commercial revenues
- A number of companies are approaching the tipping point for profitability
- The attributes of fuel cells will enable them to displace heat engines and batteries in many different applications
- Global revenues for fuel cells have already reached US$780m and the sector offers the potential for growth of $50bn in the next five years (quoting Pike Research figures)